Restrukturering og insolvens


Within the handling of insolvency proceedings the asset administrators of Derra, Meyer & Partners undertake to respect the para-amount interests of creditors association /groups in order to fulfill their interests as effectively as possible.

We follow the principal of negotiation as the best way to achieve a fair check and balance of particular interests. In the field of termination of insolvency or within personal related decisions as well as by the deciding of uneasy issues for any persons involved in insolvency proceedings we always apply our main principle:

The art of peaceful resolution 

We strongly believe that ethics and social points are relevant for successful business.

The handling of insolvency proceedings is provided taking into account the protection of the interests of employees.

The expertise of Derra, Meyer & Partners in the field of reorganization of enterprises is based on over 30 years experience. We support the strengthening of creditor’s rights and their own management by the Act of further simplification of reorganization of enterprises (ESUG).

A close co-operation with creditors groups, support of MBO solutions as well examination of enterprises for their suitability for reorganization proceedings has been a long tradition of Derra, Meyer & Partners.

Rådgiver restrukturering




The reporting by Derra, Meyer & Partners follows the requirements of insolvency law and the interests of creditors. Standard requirements guarantee equal quality and continued self-control of working results.

The reporting by the asset administrators of Derra, Meyer & Partners is comprehensive, detailed and well –grounded. Key figures related to insolvency allow all parties to receive a quick, transparent and comprehensive knowledge at any stage of the proceedings.


All employees engaged by insolvency management will receive regular training.

In addition to a fourteen day internal course, each employee is obliged to undertake further education in different and exactly defined specified areas related to insolvency. The further education of employees in external seminars continues to deepen their legal competence of instance through specialized training courses for lawyers supported by Derra, Meyer & Partners.

Certification in accordance with  ISO 9001:2015

The insolvency department of Derra, Meyer & Partners based in our office in ULM received certification in 2016 in accordance with the European ISO standard 9001:2015. All processes of central areas of insolvency measures have been precisely described and they ensure an extensive transparency of the work of each of our employees and colleagues.
The clear regulated internal processes enable the taking up of all expectations and comments of persons participating in the proceedings and their stipulations.

Formularer / Henvisninger

Filing of Claims within Insolvency Proceeding

Please be aware that all claims should be filled with the insolvency asset administrator and should not be sent directly to the courts. 

Please note the order of steps as indicated below, in order to file your claim:

  1. Download the form in Word-Format or in PDF-Format .
  2. Fill out the form in full and send it to us via mail or fax at the respective office.
  3. If your claim is titled (through a courts decision or enforcement order), please send us this title or deed in its original form.

Aids for the filing of claims:
Merkblatt zur Forderungsanmeldung im Insolvenzverfahren
Merkblatt der Bundesagentur für Arbeit zum Insolvenzgeld
Alle gerichtlichen Bekanntmachungen in einem Insolvenzverfahren können unter eingesehen werden.

General information
We wish to inform creditors as well as other possible parties interested in the current status of insolvency proceedings over the relevant and essential facts regarding the same. If you wish to be included as creditor in a provisional proceeding, please send us an e-mail or inform us through fax or letter. Should the insolvency proceeding in the end effect actually be opened, you will receive our circular letter. Further to the opening of the proceeding, please file for your claim.

Information about Insolvency Proceedings

We would like to inform creditors and any other entities and persons having an interest in insolvency proceedings. With the help of the Creditors Information System (GIS), you will be able to keep yourself informed about updates of the investigation of your claims and information regarding the proceedings. This information will be protected through an individual PIN because insolvency proceedings are not public and you can obtain this online. Please pay attention to the following steps available to you through WORD-document or in PDF form.

Advice for Online-Registration (WORD-document)
Advice for Online-Registration (PDF-format)

Information regarding the Debtor

Leitfaden Insolvenzverfahren über das Vermögen natürlicher Personen - Anträge bis 30.06.2014
Leitfaden Insolvenzverfahren über das Vermögen natürlicher Personen - Anträge ab 01.07.2014 

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