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Many aspects of daily life are affected by legal issues, in private and business life alike. This creates dynamic tensions entailing complex legislative issues and corresponding risks. As a law firm of specialised lawyers, tax consultants and reorganisation advisers, our mission is to work with you on a cooperative basis to ensure the success of your projects. The law firm of Derra, Meyer & Partner Rechtsanwälte PartGmbB will represent your interests in virtually all areas of law with a particular emphasis on international legal relations.

Legal representation at home and abroad

The law firm of Derra, Meyer & Partner Rechtsanwälte PartGmbB is a full-service provider and currently maintains 11 offices. Starting with the founding of our law firm in 1980 by Hans-Joerg Derra, our network soon branched out into all parts of Germany, as well as into Italy and Poland. Based on various cooperative partnerships, we are also able to offer legal assistance in Russia and in the Baltic States, as well as across Europe through our membership in the DIRO European network of lawyers, DIRO.

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Our corporate philosophy is to make full use of potentials and opportunities. Devoted to this principle, more than 40 professionals work to pursue and protect your interests. We assist you in your concerns and strive to hedge against potential risks as far as possible. Under the umbrella of the law firm of Derra, Meyer & Partner Rechtsanwälte PartGmbB, specialised lawyers, insolvency administrators, tax consultants and reorganisation advisers always seek to exploit opportunities and advantages to your benefit.

Committed to the interests of our clients for more than 30 years - across Europe

A central element of our work is to build trust. We want to be a reliable partner for all domestic and cross-border legal issues, both in private and in business-related matters. We are dedicated to serve entrepreneurs and individuals, as well as to institutions and associations. With more than 30 years of experience, we are able to concentrate the necessary know-how and competencies exactly in the spot where they are needed - at a total of eight German law offices and our own branch offices in Italy and Poland. Even if your case touches on aspects of foreign law, this will not preclude us from handling your case. In international legal matters, we at Derra, Meyer & Partners can rely on our cooperation within DIRO, a European network of lawyers, of which dmp is a partner.

Taking all legal considerations into account - our daily practice at dmp

The expertise concentrated at our offices has shown us that every legal dispute always offers several possible courses of action. The focus on thorough knowledge of the legal field, as documented by the certified legal specialisations of many of our professionals, is the solid foundation on which we plan our actions. In each case, we assist you in all legal aspects - both in a consulting and representing function before courts or special arbitral or mediation proceedings.

The diversity of our network is enhanced by cultural and industry-specific expertise. We consider ourselves as a mediator in times of ever-accelerating globalisation and digitisation, both in business and in the private environment alike.

Our special fields of expertise are:

  • Cross-border transactions and issues with a focus on legal relations between Germany and Italy, Russia and Poland
  • Insolvency law and insolvency consulting
  • Labour law
  • Commercial and company law
  • Agency law
  • Data protection and IT law
  • Tax and commercial criminal law

In line with this approach of a full-service provider, Derra, Meyer & Partners also employ tax consultants, who will contribute their know-how at any time if tax or business administration-related issues arise. Where necessary, we also cooperate with external tax consultants and auditors.

Place your trust in the law firm of Derra, Meyer & Partners - your strong partner in all legal aspects, business or private!

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16 Jun


Contract Law in the Corona Crisis Greater security of action in the event of service disruptions in national and international contractual relationships

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01 Apr

Facilitation of tenancy law and other permanent contractual obligations for consumers and micro-enterprises

On 27.03.2020, the Bundesrat (Upper house of Parliament) approved numerous changes, among others in tenancy law, but also for other contractual relationships, which the Bundestag had passed two days earlier.

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On 27.03.2020, the Bundesrat (Upper house of Parliament) approved numerous changes, among others in tenancy law, but also for other contractual relationships, which the Bundestag had passed two days earlier.

The law aims at alleviating the consequences of the Corona pandemic for citizens who, among other things, earn considerably lower incomes through job losses, short-time work or childcare and who are therefore often no longer able to cover their running costs such as rent, loans and other maintenance costs. However, it is also intended to help micro-enterprises (companies with fewer than 10 employees or an annual balance sheet total of less than EUR 2 million) confronted with considerable losses in turnover due to the corona pandemic.

The law not only provides relief for tenency/lease contracts and loan obligations, but also for a large number of other so-called permanent debt relationships (i.e. contracts under which the individual is obliged to make monthly recurring payments), from which payment obligations arise.
However, it should be noted that payment obligations arising from the contractual relationships do not cease to apply!
All measures described below are subject to one key condition: the consumer or micro-enterprise is particularly affected by the effects of the COVID pandemic. The debtors have to prove that they are particularly affected by the protective measures initiated by the authorities or the resulting economic consequences such as loss of jobs, short-time work, childcare, lack of orders, cancellations etc.


Continuing obligations

With regard to continuing obligations, Article 5 of the Act, amending Article 240 of the Introductory Act to the Civil Code, stipulates that the consumer who is party to a contract with a continuing obligation in the field of basic public services (e.g. electricity, water, gas and telecommunications), may refuse due payments until 30 June 2020 on the condition that the contract was concluded before 8 March 2020 and he is not in a position to provide for payment without jeopardising his reasonable livelihood or those of his relatives due to the Corona pandemic.
The microentrepreneurs, on the other hand, have a far-reaching right to refuse fulfilment of their contractual obligations. Until 30 June 2020, they can refuse fulfilment of their contractual obligations for all essential contracts that are necessary for the appropriate continuation of their business operations, including leasing, insurance and beer supply contracts.

However, this temporary right to refuse fulfilment may not be exercised if this is unacceptable for the creditor and would endanger his economic basis. In that case, however, the consumer or the microentrepreneur is entitled to terminate the contractual relationship prematurely in order to free himself from those payment obligations he is unable to meet.
However, the right to refuse fulfilment of contractual obligations does not apply to tenancy/leasing relationships, employment and loan agreements.


Tenancy / lease agreements

With regard to tenancy / lease agreements, the following special rules apply:
Tenants/leaseholders as well as micro-enterprises unable to pay their rent due to the spreading of the coronavirus are protected against termination of their contract for a limited period of time. At the moment, this only applies if rent is not paid within the period from 01.04.2020 to 30.06.2020.  Termination of the contract on the basis of failure to pay rent is excluded only until 30.06.2022. Until that date, the outstanding rent from the period April to June 2020 must have been paid.


Consumer loan agreement

Further measures to alleviate the effects of the Coronavirus regard consumer loan agreements:
In the case of consumer loan agreements concluded before 15.03.2020, payments (interest and principal) due in the period from April to June 2020 are to be deferred for 3 months. However, the parties to the contract may also make different agreements. During the period of deferral termination should be excluded. If no agreement is reached between the parties, the term of the contract shall be automatically extended by the deferred 3 months. Here, too, deferral is not feasible if it is not acceptable for the lender.

The regulations concerning the loans also concern all joint and several claims for compensation under § 426 BGB.
The Federal Government is authorised to extend the regulations on consumer loan agreements to micro-entrepreneurs, but has not yet done so.


Residential property law

Relief is also available in numerous other areas of law, including residential property law.
The aim is to enable owner communities remain capable of acting, despite the currently limited freedom of movement and assembly. Powers of the current administrators have been therefore extended until their re-election or the appointment of a new administrator. Furthermore, the continuation of the previous business plan was ordered. According to the legislator, however, the owner communities ought not hold their meetings online or in written form like the cooperatives or associations, but hold them in their usual form after the main protective measures have been terminated.


Final remark

As a general rule, all regulations are  time-limited. An extension of the deadlines by the Federal Government until 30.09.2020 is possible and already provided for by law.
Once the current exceptional situation has ended, there will be a return to the previous legal situation.

Please note that the above information only reflects the current state of information and may change over time. Neither can the information provided under any circumstances replace a consultation tailored to the individual case in question. Further legal and updated information on the Corona crisis can also be found at www.derra.eu. Our attorneys will be happy to provide you with individual advice at any time.