Banking and Capital Market Law

Customers relationships with their banks as well as the management of bank transactions have always been of massive economic importance for businesses as well as for entrepreneurs. This relationship is also important for consumers. The banks discover more and more that their business activities are subject to the ever-increasing number of regulations which must be considered taking into account their legal aspects.

As a result of continuing lower interest rates many banks currently favor to chose untransparent and risky investment models offered for instance by firms such as Lehman Phoenix, S&K, Proken and previously Infinus. As a consequence the number of court disputes within which hereto related disputes will be discussed and decided, are continuously growing.

The banking  and capital market law are of practical and business importance

Appropriate advice and representation in this field of law requires an exact and updated knowledge of the legal framework and of court cases decided by highest courts. For legal evaluation of indigent capital investment and possible claim for damages against initiators, prospectus issuers and investment advisors or brokers the knowledge of comprehensive background checks are of major relevance. In order to limit damages, reasonable business related action should also be considered properly.

Long experience in the field of banking and capital market law is our strongest asset

Many lawyers from our legal firm specialize as trained bank clerks within field and are pleased to advise you within the elaborating of proper solutions on the basis of acceptable and legal evaluation.

In particular many disenfranchised investors contact us in order to evaluate and enforce their claims. Through our broad experience and knowledge within this field we are able to relay on our network of highly competent and specialized lawyers through the entire German market.

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