Building and Architect Law

Work and labour contract and building laws have both developed into an ample and specific juridical field, which requires a deep knowledge of the subject-matter as well as a constant examination of pertaining case-law. Particular attention must be directed to the preparation of time-saving solutions with a practical orientation. This is how legal confrontation can often be avoided. If a legal dispute nonetheless becomes unavoidable, however, we can represent the categories of workers, constructors and architects as well as their employers in any location.

Legal advice for contractors, developers, architects and engineers

We provide advice at all offices of Derra, Meyer & Partners for persons participating in construction projects within out of court and court related matters before authorities as well as in cross-border cases. Our clients are investors, developers, architects and engineers. The continuing crises within the German building sector suggests that persons engaged in construction projects face increasingly complex problems connected with bankruptcy. Comprehensive advice is provided in the interface between building and insolvency law by lawyers from our legal firm having long experience over many years as trustees  in bankruptcy.

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