Business Law

All facets of trade law and business law pertain to the central core of our legal firms in and out of court activities, and in all of the national and International offices of our legal firm. This includes counseling over disputes regarding company law, contract drafting and contractual negotiations, transactions between firms, M&A, law of unfair competition,  distribution law, arbitration, as well as  procurement law and public business law.  All of the above will be furthermore affected by European law.

Advice on Elaborating of contracts and of General Trading Conditions

We understand especially that cautious elaborating of contracts and General Trading Conditions is the cornerstone for long and successful trade relationships. Furthermore – the high costs of legal actions can often be avoided. Should a controversy occur, we represent you throughout court and arbitration proceedings and here Derra,  Meyer & Partners always stand by your side.

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"Freiheit, Sicherheit, Recht" - Festschrift für Jürgen Meyer, Nomos-Verlag Baden-Baden 2006, S.427ff.

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