Commercial Law

Business transactions and operations are subject to specific practices and regulations, both economical, as with daily management and dealing, as well as legal. This commences already with the commercial register. You need to know how business people and contractors should or should not behave because business people are obliged to observe increased duties of care, of providing certain notices on time and keeping requested documentation On the other hand, contract negotiation usually allows certain margins of freedom (for example as to the drafting of general sales conditions) which is instead highly limited where consumers are concerned. Regulations such as Incoterms or UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CSIG) provide considerable possibilities of drafting and creating of contracts. The special area constitutes  the law of agency.

Assistance within issues of national and international commercial law

Derra, Meyer & Partners advise and support corporations within commercial law related issues as well as in the International field. Should a dispute arises, we assume legal representation before ordinary and arbitration courts. Derra, Meyer & Partner always  stand on your side.

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