Company reorganisation Law

When market conditions become harsh, an economic crisis may eventually produce effects in terms of lack of liquidity and adverse balances; however, this does not necessarily lead to insolvency. In a crisis situation it is essential for support to derive both from competent advisors as well as from commercial and economic policy measures.

Thanks to our experience Derra, Meyer & Partners are able to guide you through all reorganizational steps and juridical measures. Be it the arrangement of a M&A, the review of securities, negotiations with banks or credit institutes, the search for investors or the execution of a reorganisation plan, we will provide you with competent and flexible legal assistance in all these fields of expertise. In critical situations companies and company managers should not only confide or rely on their entrepreneurial intuitions, but must also hedge their liability risks. Our close cooperation with our affiliated accounting company Telos Treuhand GmbH also allows us to draw up certified appraisal reports pursuant to IDW principles, which often constitute a prerequisite for banks in order to provide financing.

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