Corporate Law

If a number of persons join together to run a business, then the question arises of how to organize the relationship among them from a juridical point of view. Corporate law provides a wide range of forms of business organizations for instance civil society organized under the Civil Code (GbR), general partnership (OHG), private limited liability company (GmbH), joint stock company (AG).

Advice on drafting corporate law related arrangements and contracts

The thorough drafting of contracts when it comes to the establishment of or to the re-organization of businesses is essential in order to avoid conflicts between shareholders and to ensure an optimal financing of the corporation. This also applies to the avoidance of liability risks. Derra, Meyer & Partners can provide you with drafting of  and support you within negotiating of articles of associations along with memorandums, agreements between a corporation and its director or management board and any other corporate law related arrangements. Should, despite all this, disputes with shareholders or directors nonetheless arise, then we are able to assist you in enforcing your rights both in and out of court. This also applies to situations in which claims will be asserted against you in your capacity as shareholder,  director of the management board , supervisory board member.

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