Family Law

In Germany every third marriage will be divorced, partnerships will be terminated without marriage certificate. This brings about the personal need and necessity to deal and manage with family law: is it better to stipulate a prenuptial agreement prior to the marriage? What will become of the children after a separation or divorce? What meaning do the terms “custody” and “visitation right” have? Which maintenance claims can be asserted by children and by spouses? Who will be allowed to stay in the family apartment or house which was jointly built with love and elan? What is going to happen with joint properties – and debts? Will this all be subject to a settlement?

Advice on prenuptial agreements, divorce, custody and maintenance claims?

These and any further other issues involve complex matters which are also marked by the specifics of the individual case, so that counsel and representation through a lawyer may become inevitable. Thanks to long years’ experience over the subject matter as well as constant further professional training, Derra, Meyer & Partners can provide competent counsel and accompany their clients through legal matters especially in times of emotional turbulence.

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