Insurance Law

As a result of the economic, social and political development of modern industrial society, the commercial relevance of insurance law contracts may hardly be overstated. According to the increase in need and demand, the insurance industry is constantly identifying new risks to secure. In light of this growing commercial relevance, the juridical framework has therefore become more and more complex.

Rights and Duties of Insurance Companies in Private and Commercial Areas

During recent decades what has always been taken for granted with concern to companies or businesses, has been widely implemented in order to protect consumers as well: many private households nowadays cover possible risks through insurance. Only experts may value and judge - under a strictly juridical profile - if and which rights arise from insurance both in commercial and non commercial areas. Questions such as “What cases are covered by my insurance? What should be taken into account in the case of the occurrence of insurance event by disability insurance or accident insurance?” are only few which we would like to quote at this point.  

We, of Derra, Meyer & Partners are ready to give you full counsel, i.e. by negotiating contracts as well as during contractual performance and in events covered by insurance law.

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Sächsische Zeitung 14./15.08.2010

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