International Insolvency Law

Business does not recognize boundaries anymore and banks are seeking security abroad and entrepreneurs have claims against foreign debtors. What happens if a foreign business partner becomes bankrupt?

Such a situation requires the knowledge of experts and good networking. All of these are guaranteed by Derra, Meyer & Partners in Germany, Europe and also worldwide.

Areas of Application of International Insolvency Law

Fast action and the awareness of the specifics of cross border insolvency law are always in demand when

  • assets abroad must be secured or sold
  • claims should  be asserted within foreign insolvency proceedings
  • representation is required within the scope of the Primary Insolvency Proceedings or Secondary Insolvency Proceedings in accordance with European Insolvency Law or
  • claims resulting from a challenge to insolvency proceedings by insolvency administrators shall be defended.

In contrast cases, concerning the securing of rights of foreign creditors within German insolvency proceedings, Derra, Meyer & Partners are able to provide professional advice through its specialized cross-border-insolvency team.

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