Mergers & Acquisitions

If you run a business but also wish to enlarge and develop it further, then you need competent and experienced assistance. This applies especially when you desire to strengthen your market position through the merger or acquisition of companies.

Advice on Taking Over Companies – What should be considered?

You can entrust us with any detail of the operation, from the analysis or thorough examination of the company to be acquired – the so called “due diligence” – to the drafting of contracts, whether sale or purchase, the merger or any other form of participation. This includes also legal advice in the early stage when you wish to draw up a “letter of intent” or to conclude a non-disclosure agreement on negotiations or when you consider how to structure the transaction as a share deal, asset deal or as merger. An important aspect becomes the acquiring of an enterprise by the previously engaged directors and executive employees (the so – called “Management Buy Out”). According to the extent of the transaction and the measure of the specific problems which need to be examined, we, as a team, will device a concept which will enable you to retain any business initiative both domestic and foreign.

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