Polish-Italian Legal Relationship

During the last couple of years business links between Poland and Italy have increased and this is particularly noticeable in the sphere of investments as an ever expanding number of Italian companies seek to invest on the Polish market and likewise Polish businesses are reaching out to Italy. This development is due to an increasing understanding of the needs and requirements of each respective markets coupled with the experience and ability to match expectations of the contractual partners.

Derra, Meyer & Partners recognize the current market requirements as well as current expectations and have accordingly established Italian Desks in both our Warsaw and Wrocław offices in order to meet the needs of Italian speaking clients. The Italian Desk comprised of young and experienced lawyers offers Italian speaking clients an extensive supervision of their projects in Poland. On the contrary, in our offices in Bologna and Milan a Polish Desk was set up for Polish speaking clients. Within this established structure we are able to provide comprehensive legal advices in the Polish and Italian sphere in all significant business legal fields of expertise in Poland and in Italy regarding Polish as well as Italian law.

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