Real estate Law

When it comes to the purchase, ownership and sale of real estates, there is quite often a need to obtain comprehensive counsel although - as occurs in Germany - the presence of a notary is a legal requirement. Over the last few years, especially further to the “eastern expansion” of the European Union, investors are beginning to purchase foreign estates due to the easier facilitation of such purchases.

Legal questions of foreign investors with regard to German real estate market

During the last few years, the German real estate market has become more and more attractive also to foreign investors. Because of the ample and complex legal aspects related to the purchase of real estate – e.g. residential property, tax and administration law issues - legal counseling both prior to the investment as well as during the administration of the same is advisable.

Comprehensive advice on purchase of real estate in Germany

We offer you an extensive due diligence examination of  envisaged for purchase  real estate as well as advice and assistance within resolving  of legal and business issues in connection with real estate acquisition by negotiating with banks in the light of  possible financing or by communicating with competent authorities.

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