Legal firm Derra, Meyer & Partners


Your partners for advice in all fields of law specializing  in International legal transactions

40 lawyers, 11 offices in Germany and Europe along with substantiated  knowledge and wide competence in all fields of legal expertise are significant features of Derra, Meyer & Partners Rechtsanwälte PartGmbB. The first office was founded by  Hans Jörg Derra followed by many others. To date we have seven offices in Germany, two offices in Italy and two offices in Poland and we are therefore able to comprehensively  advise our clients independent of the place of destination.

Legal Advice and Representation Domestic and Abroad

Our clients are entrepreneurs from all sizes of companies, and individuals who over  many years place trust in our legal advice provided in the domestic market and abroad. We place  a great emphasize familiar with all current court precedents and legal provisions in order to elaborate the best solutions for our clients. We participate in International legal transactions with our allied law partners, in particular  in Turkey, Lithuania  and Russia. Moreover, Derra, Meyer & Partners are shareholders and member of DIRO-EWIV, one of the largest legal firm networks and legal firm organization in Europe. Due to this we are able to guarantee handling of disputes  without any deley.

Speeches on Different Legal Subjects

It is very important to us, to raise the awareness of entrepreneurs and individuals to legal issues. Therefore we provide at regular intervals public speeches on legal subjects. Moreover some lawyers from Derra, Meyer & Partners work as lecturers  and publishers.