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Due to the current low-interest phase and housing shortage in Germany, the building sector is becoming increasingly important. Companies and individuals to invest in ‘concrete gold’. Building and architect law is subject to constant change. After long discussions, the legislature has comprehensively reformed the sectors of architect law and private building law to strike a better balance between the interests clients, contractors and architects. For example, consumer protection for private clients was strengthened, while contractors and architects can obtain their deserved compensation for work more easily. In this difficult and potentially conflict-ridden situation, our lawyers for building and architect law will provide you with a legal orientation to help you find a way to pursue your economic and personal interests.

Consulting services of our lawyers in the field of building and architect law

At all our offices, our law firm assists parties involved in a building project in out-of-court and court proceedings, as well as in proceedings before authorities and in international matters. Our clients include developers, contractors, architects and engineers. Because of the higher risk of insolvency in the building industry, we also focus on the overlap between building and insolvency law. In our long experience of acting as an insolvency administrator, we have gained very good expertise in this field.

Contact dmp Rechtsanwälte for legal expertise in all issues relating to building and architect law, e.g.:

  • Construction planning law and building permits
  • Consulting services in regard to German Construction Contract Procedures, Part B, (VOB/B) and building contracts pursuant to the German Civil Code (BGB), architect’s and engineering contracts
  • Consulting services in regard to contracts for the purchase of real estate or residential apartments
  • Property development law
  • Liability for defects pursuant to VOB/B and BGB contracts
  • Construction supervision and follow-up management
  • Enforcement of claims for defects and damages in building projects
  • Construction inspection
  • Enforcement of or defence against remuneration claims and/or from fees pursuant to the fee structure for architects and engineers acting as public contractors (HOAI)
  • Securities in construction projects
  • Conduct of independent evidence-collection procedures and other construction processes

Consulting services in building and architect law in cross-border cases

Due to the international orientation of our law firm, we are able to offer comprehensive consulting services in the field of building and architect law for cross-border cases. Through our own office in Italy, and cooperations in Russia, Lithuania and Turkey as well as our membership in the DIRO AG European network of lawyers, qualified colleagues throughout Europe are available, whose expertise we can always include in the mandate.