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Consulting services of our lawyers in the field of corporate law and M&A

dmp Rechtsanwälte can provide you with drafting of  and support you in the negotiating of articles of associations along with memorandums, agreements between a corporation and its director or management board and any other corporate law related arrangements.

If disputes with shareholders or directors arise nonetheless, then we are able to assist you in enforcing your rights both in and out of court. This also applies to situations where the client’s liability as a shareholder, member of the management board or supervisory board member or as a company director is at issue. Ranging from a due diligence and negotiations between the investor and the business owner, to the drafting of any corporate purchase and sale contracts or similar transactions (mergers, divisions), clients require competent support in M&A-related matters. This includes legal advice in the early stages, when you will have typically signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) or a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to conclude on the negotiations, or if you are faced with the question of how you want to structure a transaction.

Taking into account tax law issues, a decision will be made whether such a corporate transaction is to take the form of a share deal, asset deal or any other form. This will be done also taking into account labour law-related issues that are equally relevant. Depending on the size and volume of the transaction and with a view to any special issues that may exist, a team will work out a concept that allows to control the process on a national and international level.

Multidisciplinary consulting services in the field of corporate law and M & A  

At dmp Rechtsanwälte, we have specialists in all fields of expertise concerned. Among our approximately 40 lawyers, there are several certified specialist lawyers in commercial and corporate law, who have many years of experience in corporate law and M&A transactions. If and to the extent that special problems must be addressed, the team may also include certified tax law specialists, certified labour law or certified insolvency law specialists. In respect of any liability claims, we can also consult with colleagues who, as compliance officers and/or certified specialists in criminal law, are closely familiar with special liability standards.

Since the 1980s, we offer consulting and legal representation services in national as well as international transactions in the field of M&A. While international cases in the early years concerned primarily European transactions, recent years have seen an increase in transactions with Chinese, Hong Kong Chinese, Thai or US-American participation. Through our own office in Italy as well as the DIRO network, we are able to offer competent, hassle-free assistance also beyond the German borders.

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