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With our expertise in criminal law, we represent private individuals not only in matters of economic criminal law, but also in all other areas of criminal law. You will benefit from our professionalism and expert knowledge as specialist lawyers for criminal law covering the entire range of criminal law and criminal proceedings: from the investigation to an appeal on points of law, from constitutional complaints to the human rights complaints, when confronted with a search or seizure or when you are taken into custody or during pretrial detention. Resolute and never shirking a conflict, we will be at your side as your defence lawyers.

Through numerous successful defences in court proceedings, we have earned an excellent reputation not only in the regions of our law offices in Ulm, Augsburg, Stuttgart, Berlin, Düsseldorf and Dresden, but also nationwide.

For your rights and a fair trial

Our motto is: As soon as you entrust us with resolving your criminal law case, we are committed to you and your rights. The sooner you entrust your defence to us, the more effectively we can fight for your rights and a fair trial. Our work begins as early as possible – preferably before the first police interrogation and contact with the investigating authority during the investigative stage. We will accompany you through the entire criminal proceedings and work with you to develop tailored advice and defence strategies matched to your individual concerns. In addition to the lawyers and specialist lawyers for criminal law at dmp Rechtsanwälte, you will also have a broad network of cooperating specialist lawyers for criminal law from other law firms at your disposal. We are therefore in a position to ensure your criminal defence not only through an individual specialist lawyer, but can also rely for your benefit on special defence teams across law firms for complex proceedings with multiple criminal defence lawyers.

Effective and determined criminal defence from the investigation process to the final conclusion

At the same time, you – our client — remain at the core and focus of our activities. In every stage of the process, from the start of the investigation with search, seizure and pretrial detention, through the main proceedings to the appeal proceedings — you will benefit from a competent, determined and effective defence. In doing so, we seek direct contact with the investigating authorities and courts at an early stage and will act resolutely on your behalf wherever it is necessary to enforce your rights. In a variety of cases, our specialist lawyers in capital criminal proceedings (murder, manslaughter, robbery), offences against national security, narcotics cases, and many other small and major proceedings have demonstrated their expertise, willingness to conflict, and assertiveness – as well as their ability to find solutions to your criminal problem in communicating with investigative authorities and courts.

Specialist lawyers in criminal law with experience, expertise and commitment

As lawyers, we are legally obliged to maintain absolute secrecy. That goes without saying. In an initial consultation, we will discuss your personal situation intensively with you and devise an individual legal problem solving and defence strategy with you. You can expect professionally sound criminal law expertise at the highest level from the specialist lawyers for criminal law at dmp Rechtsanwälte. Continuous training through seminars, contributions in trade journals and conferences are not only a means to an end for us, but also part of our activities.

If you are looking for lawyers with many years of experience, expertise, motivation and commitment for you, then contact us. Via our emergency number 0160 71 999 01, we are at your service 24/7 (please call this number only in case of searches, arrests or other urgent emergencies).

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