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In times of freedom of establishment, free movement of goods and recognition of further foreign forms of business organizations by European Union, businesses throughout the European territory are increasingly affected by European Union Law.
European Union law is no longer an abstract term, on the contrary it directly affects all areas of our life. Current competition law as well as termination rights in civil contracts actually derive for instance  from Brussels’ legislation.

Influence of European regulations in commercial and distribution law

In cross-border contractual relationships, many aspects are governed by EU regulations, such as the important question of which legal system applies to a contractual relationship or before which courts legal action can be brought in the event of a dispute. Complex areas of law, such as the recognition and enforcement of foreign decisions in Germany, are uniformly regulated by directly applicable EU regulations. Distribution law is also largely under the influence of European law regulations. The General Data Protection Regulation, which has created a uniform European level of data protection, has also attracted a great deal of attention.

European Union Fundamental Rights Charter

In every day life, the European Union Fundamental Rights Charter increases its importance and presence. Court of Justice of the European Union refers in its judgements increasingly to the Charter and the awareness of  the national local courts  of the catalogue of the fundamental rights becomes more intense and lead to questions addressed  to the European Court of Justice for interpretation. Professor Meyer, one of the founders of our legal firm, represented the German Parliament within constitutional convention of the European Union and is now editor of the Nomos –Commentary on Fundamental Rights Charter. Please take advantage of the direct and indirect effects of the European Law with our help.