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In our society, even family law structures are continuously changing. Especially in recent years, a significant rebalancing of the relationship between state, family and family members among each other has taken place. Family law governs the legal status of persons related by marriage, partnership, family and kinship, but also legal representation models such as guardianship, care and guardianship. Marriage and its legal implications are of particular importance in family law. In Germany, more than one in three marriages end in divorce. More than half of the divorced couples have minor children. The resulting consequences are far-reaching and affect all family members. Emotions of everyone involved are superimposed on the legal issues. Our lawyers specializing in family law are able to assist clients in such moments.

Need for regulation in case of separation and divorce

In a situation of separation, the need to resolve financial issues of maintenance for the children and the spouse arise, which mostly call for expert advice from a lawyer specialising in family law. As part of the consultation, it must be determined if and to which extent payments can and have to be made. Moreover, the welfare of children must always be kept in mind, especially in regard to access and care arrangements. After all, a divorce affects life up to retirement age, because pension entitlements, too, are split in divorce proceedings through pension right adjustment. An alternative agreement, which you can draft with our family law experts, may be helpful. Equitable arrangements must be found also in matters relating to the assets acquired during the marriage or partnership, retention of the family home, debts, tax debts and credits and household items troubled waters must be smoothed and disputes between the parties involved must be found, while legal positions are enforced.

Legal representation in divorce proceedings

In part, issues in separation or divorce proceedings can be settled amicably. But increasingly often, the alternating model, i.e. a model according to which parents, after divorce, look after their children in equal shares in their separate households, gives rise to disputes and hence to a need for legal clarification of issues relating to residence, schooling, health, access during holiday or care for the children. Moreover, the law as it stands still requires legal representation by a lawyer in divorce proceedings, especially in connection with pension rights adjustment and the related complicated calculations or maintenance issues of the spouses. Our lawyers working in the field of family rely on many years of experience in representing parties in divorce proceedings and will help pursue your best interests.

Family law specialists – advice on all matters of family law

Our firm assists individuals in all aspects of family law. Our family law specialists provide assistance in drafting agreements of all kinds, for example prenuptial agreements in advance of a marriage, judicial enforcement of family law claims or the conduct of divorce proceedings.

Our specialists in family law have many years of experience and undergo constant further training to be able to assist you with professional counsel and security in legal matters. Due to our offices in Germany and Italy, and our membership in the DIRO AG European network of lawyers, we are also able provide legal advice across borders.