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Few legal fields in Germany are regulated as extensively and at the same time as confusingly as labour law.

While lawmakers, upon entry into force of the Civil Code in 1900, contented themselves with 20 paragraphs on employment relations, labour law today is codified in several hundreds of acts, by-laws and ordinances.

Therefore, the legal relation between workers and employers, which are regularly in the spotlight of public attention, requires not only thorough knowledge of the effectiveness of the numerous legal regulations, collective agreements and other provisions of German labour law, but also consideration and examination of the effectiveness of the special and side agreements concluded individually between the parties.

Apart from the important legislation on protection against dismissal, minimum wages, the constitutionally guaranteed freedom of association, collective agreements or leave entitlement, European legislation and the jurisprudence of the European Court of Justice relating to labour law play a role more and more frequently.

Consulting services of our lawyers on labour law

As a law firm focusing on business law, advising clients in the field of labour law is one of our key fields of expertise. We represent the interests of both employers and employees. By providing counsel already at the early stages, we can assist in avoiding conflict situations from the outset and in developing alternative solutions. Our lawyers can help with a careful analysis of the legal situation and examine the right strategy for you, taking into account business and personal opportunities and risks. In the event of a dispute, we offer to represent you in court proceedings, while you benefit from our experience gained in hundreds of court cases litigated before local labour courts, higher labour courts and before the Federal Labour Court.

Contact the experts of dmp Rechtsanwälte for any conceivable concerns relating to labour law that requires the services of a lawyer, such as:

  • Preparation and review of contracts of employment and vocational training contracts
  • Dismissal and unfair dismissal proceedings, severance
  • Termination agreement and settlement agreement
  • Leave and leave compensation
  • Minimum wage, wage and salary payments
  • Exercise of the right to give instructions, transfer, caution
  • Review and drafting of job references
  • Maternity and parental leave, part-time work
  • Costs of further training
  • Corporate pension schemes
  • Reconciliation of interests and social plan
  • Collective bargaining law, law on staff representation and works constitution
  • Legal issues relating to industrial disputes and codetermination or procedural law

Experienced and qualified lawyers for labour law and other disciplines at dmp lawyers

At our offices, lawyers specialised in labour law and experts from other legal fields, with which there is an overlap, are at your service. Thus we ensure that only experienced lawyers look after your case and provide you with professional advice in all relevant matters pertaining to labour law.

As cross-border advisory law firm with an own establishment in Italy and cooperation partners in all European countries via our membership of the European network of lawyers DIRO, we also offer comprehensive advisory services in matters of international labour law. Rely on the many years of practical experience and expertise of our specially trained specialist lawyers and the competence of a law firm operating throughout Germany and Europe. Contact dmp lawyers for legal expertise in all matters relating to labour law.

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