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Complexity is the hallmark of tax law. Numerous individual laws, regulations and administrative instructions require a very high degree of technical expertise. Moreover, correct application of these rules depends on a detailed understanding of the actual processes in the matter to be assessed.

The business law orientation of our law firm offers puts at the disposal of our clients an experienced team of lawyers, economists, tax consultants and legal economists, who have many years of experience in tax and business advice and assist you in addressing complex issues.

Your strategic partner in disputes

In matters that are prone to generate conflicts, we see ourselves as a strategic partner for clients and their tax consultants, e.g. in connection with escalating audits or tax-related scenarios involving criminal or private accountability or the risk of an insolvency. We help to prevent reckless submissions and ensure, if possible, a new co-ordination of fiscal and tax criminal aspects.

To protect the rights and interests of our clients, we will also manage the professional engagement with fiscal authorities in preliminary (objection) or interim relief proceedings, as well as lawsuits before the finance courts or appeals on points of law to the Federal Finance Court.

Our range of services in tax and business administration issues

Our team will assist you with:

  • Annual tax returns
  • Commercial and tax balance sheets incl. the preparation of monthly financial accounting statements
  • Special tax balance sheets
  • Supervision of tax audits
  • Pursuing extra-judicial and judicial remedies
  • Preparing inheritance tax and donation tax returns
  • Assistance in criminal tax matters
  • Advice on all other tax issues, such as changing the legal form, succession models and cross-border issues.

Consulting services in cross-border situations

With the help of our office in Italy and our membership in Wistra alliance, an international cooperation of accountants, auditors and lawyers, we can also offer solutions for tax issues involving european jurisdictions, offering benefits for entrepreneurs and private individuals, who have economic ties with these countries and ensuring at the same time one-stop consulting services.

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