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In times of globalisation, integration of business enterprises across borders has become more commonplace, even for small and medium enterprises. This places an increasingly higher premium on international legal consulting services. Whether a transaction concerns the import of medical devices or machinery from Italy, the sale of vehicles to Russia or the opening of a branch or production plant in Poland – cross-border transactions and contractual relationships are an everyday necessity for many companies to successfully compete in the market and grow.

In international transactions, many complex legal issues may arise, and responding correctly and appropriately to them may prove to be crucial for a successful investment abroad. The first preliminary step is always to consider and determine the legal system applicable to a given situation, because these cases almost always entail issues of company law, commercial and agency law, labour law, etc., international conventions, EU law or laws and regulations of other countries. Trade and cooperation agreements must, therefore, be reviewed and drafted carefully especially in cross-border situations; a careful weighing of the possibility to determine the applicable law and the place of jurisdiction in advance by agreement of the parties is of particular importance in this regard. When operating a plant or office abroad, there are numerous risks and pitfalls that should be covered in advance through appropriate legal and tax-related legal advice.


International legal advisory services, taking all legal aspects into account

dmp Rechtsanwälte assists in transactions involving international elements, taking all legal considerations into account without losing track of the economic and practical concerns of their clients. In out-of-court matters, we do so by providing advice on and preparing drafts for contracts of any kind, or by asserting claims and rights in extrajudicial proceedings. But even in the case of international litigation – whether in state courts or before arbitral tribunals – our experienced lawyers will ably represent you, taking into account any existing peculiarities in regard to procedural issues or the applicable law.

One focus of our fields of expertise is advising companies that wish to advance their business across borders, for example by setting up their own subsidiary establishment abroad. We provide advice on choosing the right legal form and assist clients in their project of establishing a permanent business operation or subsidiary at each step of the way. Even after completing the establishment process, we continue to assist foreign business operations and subsidiaries of our clients through our international legal advisory services, primarily in the area of labour, corporate, agency and tax law.

Cross-border legal services based on an international network of lawyers and tax consultants

In this way, our clients can benefit from the fact that we maintain our own offices throughout Germany and in Italy, as well as cooperations in Poland, Russia and  the Baltic States, offering trained and specialised lawyers and tax consultants at each location, who are able to provide direct and expert advice at any time in case of a dispute. In addition to focusing on providing advice to companies that conduct business operations in Italy and Germany, dmp Rechtsanwälte also specialise in matters of German-Russian law and offer advice, i.a. to Russian entrepreneurs regarding their business activities in Germany. Our consultants working in the international field have extensive language skills and are proficient in German and English as well as Italian, Russian, Polish and/or French.

In addition, dmp Rechtsanwälte is represented in various international bar associations and professional associations, such as the Working Group on International Legal Relations of the German Bar Association (DAV). As active members of the DIRO AG European network of lawyers and the WIRAS international network of lawyers and tax consultants, the professionals of dmp Rechtsanwälte are able to draw across Europe on a proven and reliable network of lawyers and tax consultants in the field of international legal consultancy for the benefit of our clients and can support our clients directly on site – including in China and in India.

Our location in Milan is part of the DIRO BUSINESS network, a special initiative of DIRO AG for internationally oriented medium-sized companies, and offers commercial law consulting services also in cooperation with the commercial law firms associated there.

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