Competition Law, Marketing Law

Due to market conditions becoming tougher and tougher, unfair competition related disputes are increasing in volume. The number of cease-and desist warnings, whether justified in whole or in part, are constantly rising. Trademarks are therefore a necessarily precious business asset. In light of general market globalization, the risk of violating third parties’ rights is becoming ever more concerning.

Avoidance of Infringement of Competitive activities within advertising and business ideas  

We provide counsel at the preliminary stage, when you are planning and developing your advertising concepts or business ideas so that infringements of competition law can be avoided. If one of your competitors violates your rights, then we are able to intervene through cease-and-desist warnings. In case of conflict we are able to represent our clients in all competition cases. Disputes relating to competition law are often settled through interim measures. We provide counsel both in order to obtain interim injunctions and/or to protect you against them. We also offer counsel and are able to provide assistance in the development of logo, label, company and product names, as well as to give you pre-emptive counsel in the case of possible infringements with third party rights which could arise. In relation to this, we provide the necessary assistance in order to file for trademark registration, whether domestic, international or European and we also take care of the extension of the terms of protection.

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