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Industrial property rights play an increasingly important role in our society: in view of globalisation and growing competition it is crucially important for entrepreneurs to protect their business ideas and technical developments against imitations as far as possible. Intellectual property law, and patent law, trade mark and design law in particular, comprehensively regulate the existing exclusive rights of the owner of such assets.

In addition to the traditional concept of intellectual property law, copyright law protects personal intellectual creations. All of these intangible assets, collectively referred to as intellectual property, can be protected by taking preventive measures such as trade mark or patent applications or by taking repressive action against imitations or unlawful uses of copyright creations.

Industrial property law also includes protection of the commercial activity as such e.g. in the sense of supplementary protection of creations under competition law. Pursuant to the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property (Paris Convention) any act of competition is prohibited, which is contrary to honest practices in industrial or commercial matters. Competition law devolves from this principle. In so doing, it is assumed that the market is able to regulate itself by allowing competitors and (consumer) associations to act themselves against acts of unfair competition of entrepreneurs, e.g. by issuing cautions based on competition law or requiring the offending party to issue a declaration to cease and desist on pain of penalty. For further information, please see Competition Law and Marketing Law.

Our consulting services in intellectual property law and copyright

We develop your strategies with you in advance and minimise your legal risks associated with the use of intellectual property. We provide advice already during the development of a trademark worthy of protection, assist you in the registration process and represent your interests in emerging disputes. If disputes arise in connection with intellectual property rights or copyright, we will represent you in court or before an arbitral tribunal.

Contact the lawyers at dmp Rechtsanwälte for legal expertise on any concerns relating to intellectual property rights, such as:

Design, patent and trademark law

  • Support in the development of a trademark
  • Registration of German and European trademarks
  • Registration of designs and patents
  • Assertion of proprietary claims
  • Defence against proprietary claims of third parties


  • Advice on copyright exploitation rights
  • Assertion of copyright claims

Copyright in works of art

  • Advice on copyright exploitation rights in works of art
  • Assertion of copyright claims regarding works of art

Multidisciplinary consulting services in intellectual property law and copyright

Experienced lawyers at all our offices work closely with experts from other fields of law in cases where there is a substantive overlap. This ensures that only experienced lawyers work on your case and that you always receive comprehensive and professional advice at dmp Rechtsanwälte. Through our membership in the DIRO AG European network of lawyers and our own office in Italy, we are able to extensively assist you also beyond the German borders.