Prof. Dr. Jürgen Meyer

Professor Dr. jur.,


английский, немецкий




  • Advice, representation and defense in national and international criminal trials
  • Advice on questions of European law
  • Numerous publications and lectures on criminal law and European law issues, e.g. editor of the commentary on the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.


  • Attorney at dmp since 1991
  • Commemorative publication «Freiheit, Sicherheit und Recht» (Freedom, Security and Law) 2006 on the occasion of his 70th birthday, among others with contributions by the then Federal Ministers Otto Schily and Joseph Fischer
  • Honors:
    Federal Cross of Merit with Ribbon, 1980
    Federal Cross of Merit, 1st class, 2001
    Medal of Merit of the State of Baden-Württemberg, 2005
  • Since 1967 researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law in Freiburg, 1975 habilitation at the University of Freiburg, since 1981 professor for German and international criminal law and criminal procedure as well as criminology at the University of Freiburg
  • Admitted to the bar since 1964
  • Doctorate in law at the University of Tübingen, 1963
  • Studies in Princeton/ New Jersey and Ann Arbor/ Michigan (USA)
  • Studied law at the University of Münster and the Free University of Berlin


  • Member of the German Bundestag from 1990 to 2002
  • Delegate of the German Bundestag to the European Convention on Fundamental Rights 1999/2000 and to the European Constitutional Convention 2002/2003
  • German Bar Association