Confidence and reliability

Our world is full of opportunities and possibilities. The challenge is to exploit them. As specialised lawyers, tax consultants and reorganisation advisers??, we see our task as assisting you collaboratively in your projects and in hedging your risks as comprehensively as possible.

dmp Rechtsanwälte represents your interests in almost all areas of law with a specialisation in business law, international law, data protection and criminal law.

Our expertise

Legal representation at home and abroad

dmp Rechtsanwälte is a full-service provider and is currently represented across Germany at eight locations as well as with their own branch in Milan, Italy.

Our locations

Based on the law firm established in 1980 by Hans-Jörg Derra, we have expanded our network to all parts of Germany as well as to Italy. More than 40 specialised lawyers, reorganisation and tax consultants are committed to serve and advise our clients at nine dmp locations. Cross-site cooperation and the pooling of know-how through the formation of expert teams are an established part of our work approach and philosophy.

Through many years of cooperation, dmp Lawyers is also able to offer legal representation in Poland, Russia and the Baltic States as well as throughout Europe. Through our long-standing membership in the European legal network DIRO, we currently have 190 law firms in 28 countries at our disposal as competent and trusting partners.

A clear focus on the essentials – everyday practice at dmp

Many years of experience and expertise have shown that every case of legal advice may entail several feasible options. We focus on practical solutions without losing sight of interdisciplinary impacts and economic aspects.

Legal know-how, as evidenced by certified legal specialisations and further qualifications of many professionals at dmp Rechtsanwälte, forms the basis of our activities – be it in an advisory capacity, in litigation or in arbitration and mediation proceedings. The diversity of our consultants is underscored by cultural, linguistic and industry-specific competence.

The experts at dmp Rechtsanwälte view themselves as intermediaries and consultants in times of ever-increasing globalisation and digitalisation, in business life or in a private environment alike.

Our Advisers